Bizen Works Burned FV "Korina/BZF" -Sunburst-
Bizen Works Burned FV "Curly Maple" (BZF)
Bizen Works Burned FV "Korina" (BZF)
Bizen Works Burned EXP
Bizen Works Burned STD Quilt "See-through GT"
Bizen Works Burned STD "Greeny" #431
Bizen Works Burned STD "Greeny" #432
Bizen Works Burned STD "Hollow"
Bizen Works Burned 54 STD "Gold Top" BZF
Bizen Works Burned 54STD LH "Gold Top"
Bizen Works Grain Arched "Spalted Maple" -Natural-
Bizen Works Grain "Vintage Natural Burst"
Bizen Works 5th Anniversary Model Grain Flat Top
Bizen Works 5th Anniversary Model Grain Arched
b3 SL Custom -Drift Wood-
b3 SL-K -Block Burst-
Combat BUG15th Annv Telecater(ST Head)
Collings 470 JL [ Julian Lage Signature Electric ]
Eastman SB59 Vintage Finish "Antique Red"
Eastman T486 "Golden Burst"
OOPEGG Supreme Collection Trailbreaker Mark-II NAMM LTE
OOPEGG Trailbreaker Special Limited Edition
Provision Karakusa Special Order "White Tiger"
Provision JMTL "Rose Champagne"
Provision PSST "Antigua Lake Placid Blue"
Provision PSST HH "Antigua"
Provision PSST SSH "Antigua"
RS Guitarworks Contour Green Guard Mid 60s
Relish Guitars Bloody A Mary
Hsiu Guitar Workshop Type S #007
Ibanez TQM1-NT "Tom Quayle Signature"
inifinite Trad T Hollow See through Ice Metallic
infinite Trad T Hollow See through Beet Burst Metallic
infinite Trad ST "Dazzly Orange"
infinite Trad TLP Honduras Mahogany / Quilt
inifinite Trad Fullsize ST "Lefty" 2TS / Aged
infinite Trad Fullsize ST "Lefty" Bora Bora Blue Burst
Kz Guitar Works Kz One Air 2H3 FM
Kz Guitar Works Kz One Air 2H3 BB
Kz Guitar Works Kz One Solid Round
SAITO GUITARS S-JMC27 Monochrome Limited
SAITO GUITARS S-622 Alder 3S "Shingetsu"
Schroeder Guitars Doublecut Mapleneck Trem Blue
Schroeder Guitars Doublecut BRW STP Green
Seventy Seven Guitars EXRUBATO-ZEBRA FINCH
Suhr Reb Beach Standard
Suhr 2018 Modern Custom CSW Quilt
stilblu Model S "Charcoal Frost Metallic over 3TS"
g7 Special ST/R Premium Weather Cracked 2022
MUSIC MAN Luke II 2014 Limited Edition -Neptune Blue-
momose MT-FLAME TOCHI LTD/R -Blue-Vertical Gradation-
momose MT24-MV-TOCHI NJ
Seventy Seven Guitars STORK-TOCHI PP-SP'23/NJ
dragonfly Hi-STA SSH T.White Gloss
dragonfly HI-STA22 Modern
Three Dots Guitars LP-FMT -Honey Burst-
Three Dots Guitars S Model -Black- Rosewood FB
Three Dots Guitars T Model R -Shoreline Gold-
Knaggs Guitars Choptank Tier2 -Ocean Blue-
T's Guitars DST-Pro24 -Salmon Pink Orange-
T's Guitars DST-Pro24 Carved Hollow "Trans Black"
T's Guitars DST-Pro24 Carved Ash Custom
T's Guitars DST-Pro22 Carved Ash "Burgundy Mist"
T's Guitars DST-Pro22 - Black Cherry -
T's Guitars DST-Pro22 Spalted Maple
T's Guitars DST-Pro22R Hardtail
T's Guitars DST-Classic22 with Suhr V60 & Thornbucker!
T's Guitars DTL-22 "Custom Color"
T's Guitars ST-22 "Centura Blue"
T's Guitars Arc-Hollow "Violin Color"
Valley Arts Custom Pro USA -Green Sunburst-
YAMAHA SG-2000MT "Lagoon Blue"
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