PRS Dragon II "Teal Black"
PRS PS#57XX Custom 24 -30th bird with "Vine" Inlay!!-
PRS Wood Library Custom22 Roseneck "Blue Matteo" (BZF)
PRS Wood Library Limited Custom24 Semi-hollow -Natural-
PRS Custom24 Experience 2010 LTD "Orange Tiger Burst"
PRS PS 2013 Experience LTD Custom22 -D.S Purple-
PRS Machine Head 10th Anniversary -Deep Purple-
PRS 1986 Custom Bird Vintage Yellow
PRS 20th Anniversary Custom 22 Trem Artist Package
PRS Custom 24 "Rosewood Neck" -Whale Blue-
PRS McCarty Korina Soapbar "BZF"
PRS 305 Rosewood FB "Smoked Amber"
PRS 35th Anniversary Custom24 -Aquamarine- "10Top"
PRS Signature Limited Edition Figured Red Wood
PRS 1990 Signature Limited Edition "Tortoise Shell"
PRS PS#17xx McCarty Chambered "Custom Black Cherry"
PRS Private Stock Brazilian P24 Trem
PRS Dragon2002 "Whale Blue"
PRS Dragon 2010 "NAMM Model"
PRS Custom Shop Rosewood Limited
PRS Standard 22 Satin Stoptail "Vintage Mahogany"
PRS The 22 Special "Black"
PRS Custom Shop 10th Anniversary "Trem"
PRS Violin Guitar BZF&Pernambuco
PRS Singlecut Brazilian "Dark Cherry Burst"
PRS McCarty Brazilian "Amber"
PRS Private Stock Paul's Graphite Guitar
PRS 1988 Custom24 10Top Bird
PRS 1986 Standard "THE PRS"
PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Quilt top Beeswing Sipo
PRS Custom Shop 1991 Artist I BZF
PRS Private Stock 10th Anniversary Singlecut Trem
PRS Santana MD - Santana Yellow -
PRS Private Stock Paul's 28
PRS Paul's Dirty 100 "Black Gold"
PRS Custom Shop 1991 Artist I
PRS 53/10 Limited Edition "Natural"
PRS Private Stock Paul's Guitar LTD Run
PRS Custom 24 Artist Package -Raspberry-
PRS Custom 24 "Royal Blue" (2015)
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